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Associação Salvador is a non-profit organization, created in 2003 by Salvador Mendes de Almeida, who became tetraplegic at 16 due to a motorbike accident

Associação Salvador's mission is to promote the integration of the physically disabled in the society and to improve their quality of life, by developing realistic and efficient projects in the following areas: Social Integration, Physical Accessibilities and Tourism, Road Safety and Research & Development.

If you would like to have further information about Associação Salvador and our projects please contact us:
(+351) 213 184 851

Social Integration

One of Associação Salvador's main goals is to fight against the social exclusion of the physically disabled community.

In Portugal, the right for human dignity is denied to thousands of people with physical disabilities, due to various factors that affect negatively their integration, in particular the existence of poor physical accessibilities, the lack of job opportunities and the consequent lack of financial means, insufficient for affording the high expenses that they have to face due to their physical situation.

Projects that promote social integration:

  • "Acção Qualidade de Vida" ("Quality of Life Grant" - an Annual Grant that intends to support people with paraplegia, quadriplegia, and other moving in wheelchairs, with low financial means).
  • Job Support
  • Recreational Events (leisure, cultural and sports events for people with physical disabilities)
  • "Espaço Desportivo Adaptado" (Gym with adapted equipment)
  • Awareness projects with schools
Road Safety

Road accidents are in the origin of a large number of cases of acquired physical disabilities and Portugal has one of the highest road accident rates. These facts made us assume an active role in the prevention of accidents related to alcohol ingestion.

Our projects in the area are:

  • "Regresso Seguro" (a campaign carried out in specific places of nightlife, with the testimony of some people in wheelchairs, victims of road accidents)
  • Awareness Advertising Campaigns
Physical Accessibilities and Tourism

In terms of physical accessibilities Portugal is a country with precarious conditions. Whether we're talking about buildings, transports or public sidewalks, there are significantly more bad examples than good ones.

This means that the people with reduced mobility, especially those who use a wheelchair, are often forced to live, exclusively, inside their houses.

Promoting better physical accessibilities benefits not only the physically disabled people, but also all the people with reduced mobility (the elderly, people using crutches, parents with baby strollers and so on). For all of these people using a ramp instead of stairs is much safer and comfortable!

Also, knowing that tourism is an important contribute for the country's economy, we do believe that better accessibilities can be a way to increase the accessible tourism market. It's been estimated that in Europe we have 50 million people with disability and 134 million people with reduced mobility! (2007 data from European Network for Accessible Tourism).

Aiming to improve the physical accessibilities in Portugal, Associação Salvador has established the following projects:

  • Portugal Acessível (the website is a guide with information about physical accessibility in different types of places such as accommodation, cultural spaces, restaurants, beaches and so on).
  • Promotion of Conferences related to "Accessible Architecture".
Research and Development

Aware of the important role technologies play in the quality of life of the disabled, Associação Salvador supports the investigation in different study fields related to reduced mobility, through the following :

  • "Ser Capaz" - Investigation and Technology Annual grant
  • Facilitation of samples for research projects.